Caladium bicolor (Ait. ex Dryand.) Vent.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Heart of Jesus
Synonym: Arum bicolor Ait.exDryand.
Common Name: Fancy leaf, Caladium
Flowering & Fruiting Period: December-January
Distribution: South America; naturalised in the tropics
Habitat: Grown as garden plant, also established in waste places
Uses: Ornamental foliage garden plant
Key Characteristics: Petiole pruinose, shortly sheathing. Leaf-blade distinctly peltate, usually strikingly variegated with shades of green, white and red, glaucous beneath. Peduncle equalling the petioles. Spathe glaucous, blade twice as long as 'tube'. Sterile part of spadix equalling the pistillate, the staminate part twice as long as the pistillate.