Bentinckia nicobarica (Kurz) Becc.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Bentinck Palm
Synonym: Orania nicobarica Kurz
Common Name: Not available
Flowering & Fruiting Period: April-September
Distribution: Native of Nicobar group of islands.
Habitat: The lowland tropical rainforests of Andaman-Nicobar Archipelago
Uses: The palm has good ornamental value and could be domesticated for avenue trees.
Key Characteristics: This is a solitary, pinnate leaved palm. Stem distinctly annulate, to 20 m long, to 40 cm in diameter near base; crownshaft cylindrical, green, about 1 m long. Leaves ascending to arching, about 2.5 m long; leaflets closely packed, laterally jointed in younger plants, terminal leaflets jointed. Inflorescence is produced below the crown shaft, flower branches greenish yellow; female flower light brown in colour. Ripe fruits are nearly globose and deep brown in colour.