Bambusa tuldoides Munro

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Buddha's Belly Bamboo
Synonym: Bambusa ventricosa McClure
Common Name: Not available
Flowering & Fruiting Period: Not specified
Distribution: Native of China and Thailand, introduced elsewhere
Habitat: Grown as ornamental plant
Uses: Hedge plant, Ayurvedic, ornamental, tender stem edible, bonsai material
Key Characteristics: Culms tufted, to 5 m tall; internodes often obliquely swollen, nearly as wide as long; successive internodes forming a slightly zig-zag pattern; long slender horizontal branches frequent from lower nodes of such culms. Culm-sheaths somewhat flushed with purple when young, quite hairless on the back. Leaf-blades to 15 x 2 cm, lower ones with broad truncate base, stalks short, lower surface very shortly soft-hairy (velvety to the touch), colour as upper surface.