Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson ex F.A.Zorn) Fosberg

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Bread Fruit
Synonym: Artocarpus communis J.R.&G.Forst.
Common Name: Kadapilavu, Kadachakka
Flowering & Fruiting Period: January - June
Distribution: Native of Pacific Islands
Habitat: Cultivated
Uses: Fruits edible, timber yielding, anti-cancerous
Key Characteristics: Evergreen trees, to 10 m high. Leaves simple, alternate; lamina broadly ovate. Flowers unisexual; spikes on the main branches; male catkin: pendent, oblong-cylindric; flower: perianth glabrous, bilobed; stamen 1; anthers oblong; female spike: perianth 2 mm; ovary superior, obovoid; stigma simple. Fruit a sorosis, oblong or round, set with conical process; seeds, oblong-cylindric (seed formation is very rare).