Vitis vinifera L.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Grape
Synonym: Vitis sylvestris C.C.Gmel.
Common Name: Common grape vine, Wine grape, European grape
Flowering & Fruiting Period: Throughout the year
Distribution: Native of West Asia, widely cultivated
Habitat: Cultivated
Uses: Fruits edible, wine production. A essential oil called grape seed oil is obtained.
Key Characteristics: A large shrub, main stem stout. Leaves orbicular, cordate, pentagonal or dissected, serrate or irregularly dentate, grey. Flower bisexual or functionally pistillate with shorter sterile stamens, greenish in colour. Calyx minute, cupular. Petals 5, lanceolate. Disc with 5 hypogynous glands, adnate to the base of ovary. Berry variable in size, shape and colour. Seed pyriform or ovoid.