Torenia fournieri Lind. ex Fourn.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Wishbone Flower
Synonym: Not available
Common Name: Not available
Flowering & Fruiting Period: September-January
Distribution: Native of Vietnam, Grown as garden plants
Habitat: Grown as garden plant
Uses: Ornamental garden plant
Key Characteristics: Stem usually erect, up to 30 cm high. Leaves ovate, truncate or rounded or subcordate at base, acute at apex. Flowers axillary and solitary below, often in terminal or axillary racemes above. Bracts linear-lanceolate. Calyx tube 7-11 mm long; wings strigose, stiffened in fruit. Corolla; tube upto 2.1 cm long, expanded and pale blue above, narrowed and orange-yellow at base; upper lip broadly orbicular, distinctly carinate, pale blue; lobes deep purple, filaments glabrous. Hypogynous disk pale yellow. Style glabrous. Capsule narrowly ovoid, glabrous, tipped by withered style; seeds orbicular-oblong, foveolate.