Theobroma cacao L.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Cocco
Synonym: Cacao sativa Aubl
Common Name: Cacao, Cocoa tree, Chocolate nut tree
Flowering & Fruiting Period: November – May
Distribution: Widely cultivated in the tropics; native of Tropical America
Habitat: Cultivated
Uses: Nut edible, fruit edible, chocolate production
Key Characteristics: Small, evergreen trees. Leaves alternate, large, elliptic-oblong, entire, leathery. Flowers cauliflorous, small. Petals hooded at base. Staminal tube short with 5 petaloid elongate staminodes and 2 or 3 sessile anthers. Ovary sessile, 5-loculed; ovules many in each locule; stigma 5-lobed. Fruit a large woody drupe, ellipsoid-ovoid, smooth or ribbed, reddish yellow, 5-loculed each with a double row of almond-like seeds embedded in white-pinkish or brownish mucilaginous aromatic pulp.