Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) Benth. & Hook.f. ex S.Moore

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Caribbean Trumpet Tree
Synonym: Bignonia aurea SilvaManso
Common Name: Yellow trumpet tree
Flowering & Fruiting Period: June - September
Distribution: Native of South America
Habitat: Mostly cultivated as garden plant
Uses: Ornamental. The leaves are purgative. The wood is hard, moderately heavy, used for tool handles, objects that need to be curved, flexible rulers, furniture, frames, construction Etc.
Key Characteristics: Tabebuia aurea is an evergreen tree growing 20 - 40 metres tall in the moister areas of its range, though it is often deciduous and rather smaller when growing in savannahs and other drier areas. The crooked bole, which can be 30 - 40cm in diameter, is clad with a thick bark. A very ornamental tree, especially when in bloom, it is used in Landscaping.