Syzygium zeylanicum (L.) DC.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Not available
Synonym: Eugenia zeylanica (L.)Wight
Common Name: Chaliyakkani, Kattuvayanilla
Flowering & Fruiting Period: October-January
Distribution: Indo-Malesia
Habitat: Banks of streams in evergreen forests, also in scrub jungles
Uses: A black dye is obtained from the bark. The wood is used for implements.
Key Characteristics: Large shrub to small trees, to 10 m high, bark black. Leaves simple, opposite. Flowers bisexual, in axillary and terminal cymes, small, white; calyx tube campanulate, greyish; petals 5, white; stamens many; ovary inferior, 2-celled, ovules many; style 1. Fruit a berry.