Parkia biglandulosa Wight & Arn.

Sub-Family: Mimosoideae
English Name: Badmiton Ball Tree
Synonym: Mimosa pedunculata Roxb
Common Name: African locust tree
Flowering & Fruiting Period: October - May
Distribution: Throughout South East Asia
Habitat: Planted as avenue tree
Uses: Fruits and nut edible
Key Characteristics: Parkia biglandulosa are tall trees. Leaves bipinnate with 20-40 pairs of pinnae and 60-100 pairs of leaflets. Flowers in dense subspherical heads. Calyx tube glabrous; teeth pilose. Corolla tubular, the segments subvalvate. Stamens 10, exserted; filiform filaments united in the lower part with each other and the corolla-tube. Ovary stalked, many-ovuled; style filiform; stigma minute capitate. Fruit is a downy Pod.