Orthosiphon thymiflorus (Roth) Sleesen

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Thyme Java Tea
Synonym: Orthosiphon viscosus Benth.
Common Name: Chilannippadam
Flowering & Fruiting Period: October-May
Distribution: Indo-Malesia
Habitat: Degraded moist and dry deciduous forests and waste lands
Uses: Thyme Java Tea aqueous extracts have found to be having anti-inflammatory and acetylcholine antagonistic action. Leaf juice has been used by the tribes as a lotion.
Key Characteristics: Erect herbs; stem hirtus. Leaves opposite, ovate, base rounded or cordate, acute at apex, thinly tomentose below; nerves 6-8 pairs. Racemes terminal, with distant whorls of flowers. Flowers 5-6 in a whorl; pedicels 2-3 mm long; calyx deflexed, 2-lipped; upper lip broad, entire, lower lip 4-lobed, lobes subulate, hairy; corolla 2-lipped, tube cylindric, upper lip 4-lobed, lower lip cup-shaped; stamens 4, included, declinate, style slender, stigma terminal, capitate. Nutlets 2-4, orbicular, pitted.