Kopsia fruticosa (Roxb.) A.DC.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Shrub Vinca
Synonym: Cerbera fruticosa Ker-Gawl.
Common Name: Pink Kopsia
Flowering & Fruiting Period: Throughout the year
Distribution: South East Asia
Habitat: Grown as ornamental plant
Uses: Ornamental
Key Characteristics: Shrub Vinca is a tall bush with simple leaves. It has an interesting resemblance to Frangipani. It is an evergreen shrub growing up to 4 m tall. The plant is hairless except for inflorescences. Leaf stalk is 1 cm. Leaf blade narrowly elliptic or narrowly oblong, tip sharp or blunt. Flowers occur in bunches of a few. Beautiful light pink flowers, which may also be almost white, have 5 petals that are oblong