Hedychium  coronarium J.König

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Butterfly Ginger Lily
Synonym: Hedychium chrysoleucum Hook.
Common Name: Not available
Flowering & Fruiting Period: October-December
Distribution: Widely cultivated and naturalised in the tropics
Habitat: Moist deciduous forests, also grown as garden plant
Uses: Young buds and flowers are steamed and eaten, or used as a flavouring. The seed is aromatic, carminative and stomachic. The root is antirheumatic, excitant and tonic. The ground rhizome is used as a febrifuge. An essential oil from the roots is carminative and has anthelmintic indications. A decoction of the basal part of the stem is gargled in the treatment of tonsillitis, or, alternatively, a part of the stem may be chewed. An essential oil obtained from the flowers of this species, and other members of the genus, is valued in high grade perfumes.
Key Characteristics: Herbs, leafy stem, robust, densely clumped; rhizome horizontal. Leaves oblong, acuminate. Spike ovoid; bracts oblong, obtuse, glabrous. Flowers 2-4 in each bracts. Calyx not split, glabrous. Corolla tube narrow, glabrous, lobes slender, glabrous. Lip lobes emarginate, white.