Ficus tinctoria subsp. Gibbosa (Blume) Corner

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Dye Fig
Synonym: Ficus gibbosa Blume
Common Name: Humped fig
Flowering & Fruiting Period: October-December
Distribution: India, China and Sri Lanka
Habitat: Semi-evergreen forests
Uses: The ripe or unripe fruit is processed or cooked in many ways to produce a minor staple in some Pacific Islands. and is made into puddings or a dried, preserved food. A decoction of the plant juices and leaves is mentioned as an internal remedy for weakness after childbirth. The plant juices and leaves are used as a dressing for broken bones. The fibre from the bark is made into cordage. A scarlet dye is made from the juice of the fruit, combined with the juice of the fruit from Cordiasubcordata. A red dye is obtained from the roots.
Key Characteristics: Large shrub to small trees; aerial roots many. Leaves elliptic-ovate or oblanceolate. Receptacle paired, orange-yellow, globose, scabrous.