Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem.

Sub-Family: Not available
English Name: Indian Rubber Tree
Synonym: Ficus elastica var.rubraL.
Common Name: Assam rubber
Flowering & Fruiting Period: February - May
Distribution: Indo-Malaysia
Habitat: Planted as ornamental tree
Uses: Young leaves are eaten as vegetable. A decoction of the aerial rootlets is used as a vulnerary. The latex has been successfully used to treat five cases of trichuriasis. Latex is obtained from the bark of the stem; this can be used for all applications of natural rubber.
Key Characteristics: Ficuselastica is a large evergreen, spreading branches without prop roots. Leaves lamina glossy above, oblong, margins entire.Hypanthodia sessile, pale-greenish. Male flowers: pedicellate, dispersed in the interior of receptacle; sepals 3- 4, ovate. Female flowers: sessile; sepals 4, free, ovary smooth with subterminal style. Figs ovoid-oblong, pale to yellowish brown.